Plunger Lift Rules (From “Plunger Lifted Gas Wells” Linkedin Group!)

1.  Safety first and always.
2.  Do not exceed plunger impact velocity surface equipment limitations.
3.  Challenge the status quo. Change. Confirm. Adjust.
(PDCA – Plan, do, Check, Act)
4.  Recognize all wells do not produce or respond the same.
5.  Use a SCADA system that allows operators to make good decisions.
6.  Make only one change at a time. See result before next change.
7.  As conditions change – continue to tune the well.
8.  There should be little to no afterflow, until CP build time is zero.
9.  Optimize the well, not the plunger!
10.  Horizontal wells – allow the liquid slug following the plunger to the surface to clear the well head before closing.
11.  Operate at lowest flowing bottom hole pressure practical (often 1/3 to ¼ bbl in tubing on each cycle).
12.  Manage afterflow to control slug size in tubing – not gas sales.
13.  Open at minimum casing pressure required to achieve desired plunger rise velocity.
14.  Dry wells need to flow longer.
15.  Off time is not always a deterrent to production.