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Shale Tec LLC was formed in August 2012 to assist gas well operators improve well performance, reduce lifting cost and improve site safety. Shale Tec specializes in shale gas wells that are candidates for automated plunger lift systems.

Shale Tec services include plunger lift remote optimization, consulting and in-house training for engineers and operators.

Detailed studies routinely document the numerous benefits associated with remote optimization of plunger lifted gas wells; including enhanced production, reduced operating costs, less non-productive time, rapid problem detection, accurate troubleshooting and improved well site safety. Yet, many operators still simply fight the daily challenge of keeping the plunger running.

If your organization is engaged in plunger lifted gas wells and interested in Optimizing Well Performance, contact Shale Tec to see how we can help.

David Cosby, Founder and CEO

David earned a BSME degree from Texas A&M in 1983 and a MBA from the University of Dallas in 1986. He maintains a Professional Engineer license within the State of Texas. David’s early career focused on leading engineering teams to develop new products for companies within the electronics, consumer products and automotive industries. Hiring talented engineers, embracing relevant technology and creating efficient processes enabled these new product development teams to drive organic growth for their respective companies. In recent years, David devoted significant effort to understanding the principles of lean manufacturing, as indicated by his reading list published on his Linkedin profile page.

In 2006, David joined Harbison Fischer Manufacturing Company to create a plunger lift business. With innovative features such as intuitive user interface software, blue tooth connection to the controller, an arrival sensor created by the world leader in automotive proximity sensors and two-stage wear indicators on padded plungers, the HF OptiMiser Well Control System achieved significant success. The HF OptiMiser’s team installed about 120 systems in the Barnett, Woodford and Marcellus Shale prior to the 2011 acquisition of Harbison Fischer by Dover Corporation.

Recently, David enhanced Ferguson Beauregard’s marketing efforts, authored several plunger lift articles and taught classes at the Gas Well Deliquification workshops in Colorado and Pennsylvania.

Whether your team is new to plunger lift or has years of experience, lets discuss how Shale Tec can help your organization Optimize Well Performance.

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