Plunger Lift Optimization

A significant number of wells produce at less than optimal rates. Decline curve analysis can often identify those with significant up-side potential. Some wells under perform simply due to lack of time by a skilled operator. If you suspect wells in your field fit this category, Shale Tec may be able to help.

By remotely optimizing the performance of your plunger lifted wells numerous benefits are possible; including enhanced production, reduced non-productive time, improved well site safety, rapid problem detection, data based troubleshooting, reduced equipment repair and less windshield time.  A number of large operators implemented plunger lift remote optimization years ago and continue to realize the on-going benefits. Yet others aggressively avoid plunger lift or continue to only operate stand-alone time based controllers.

Gas well producers are faced with numerous daily challenges and resource constraints, including low gas prices, compliance with HSE regulations, drilling, completions, artificial lift type selection, training, IT department constraints, etc. For some, plunger lifted wells simply become another time consuming frustration. Optimized wells are soon defined as those that effectively cycle the plunger, even when production is well below the well’s natural decline curve.

If your organization is faced with the above challenges, let’s discuss outsourcing remote optimization of your plunger lifted wells to Shale Tec.